My first post, and we are in a bit of crisis. My husband wants to impose a consequence of having the child who just turned 18 to spend the night in the back yard in a tent for slamming doors / physical tantrum. My gut reaction is - I don’t want my child to feel like we are kicking him out of the house, trying to understand if I am off base as he is an adult now. My son is high functioning the autism spectrum and just graduated HS. He has a part time job at a grocery store and is accepted to a local college where he plans to commute. He had not had violent tantrums for a few years, but recently had a couple episodes of throwing things and slamming doors. Mostly in response to us lecturing him on using his phone too much and not managing his to-do tasks. After the last episode my husband had a conversation with our son saying that now he has graduated HS he will not be allowed to live in our house if he continues with tantrums. Son had another tantrum today, but we are on vacation and so when we return tomorrow husband wants to impose a consequence of him sleeping outside in a tent. Thoughts?

Posted by upo4ka00 at 2023-07-14 14:57:37 UTC