I have a 32 YO son, Danny, that is believed to be ADD per past teachers and by his own admission though never officially diagnosed by our doctor because he didn't fully meet criteria. I joined one of your webinars in search of some help for my daughter with ASD, but found that much of this sounds like Danny. He has had a hard time in school getting his work done, hard time with socializing, gets very defensive, doesn't work most of the time but does Very Good work when he does and gets praised but can't stick to anything. He has stated that he needs us (his parents) to tell him what he needs to do but when we try to give advise or help, he gets very defensive and refuses to do the things that we suggest.. He wants a different life, but doesn't make the changes to make that happen. Do you have any resources that could help us with him?

Posted by skpatzius at 2023-07-12 04:45:42 UTC