Help please. My daughter who is 23 is high functioning asd. About 4 years ago sge decided tgat she wanted to identify as a male. She has nothing masculine about her. She went to school with an individual who transitioned during high school and all the kids praised this person and shunned my daughter. I just wonder if there is a connection there. She just graduated from college with a music degree. Her goal originally was music therapy. Due to executive function issues she was a point shy of staying in the program. This is why she ended with just music and not music therapy. She is now at home with us and has a part time job at Sephora. Whenever I nudge her to apply for a full time well paying job I get backlash. She has loans coming up due. We are on the hook for them and can not afford them. Any advice? We walk on eggshells around her.

Posted by caking57 at 2023-07-11 19:02:59 UTC