Hi there! I signed up for this because I believe I am finally experiencing autistic burnout. I wasn’t diagnosed until 25 and I’m 30 now. Even after my diagnosis I refused to accept its limitations and continued to treat myself as an incompetent neurotypical with a good last resort excuse. I’ve been living on my own successfully for the past 2 or 3 years, and have reached a point of relative stability in my career. But my lack of social progress, and obsession with dating and being normal had made me extremely unhappy and ironically unlikeable. In fact, I find myself avoiding relationships with others unless I can guarantee a benefit from i, because I’ve had my time wasted by decades worth of terrible, one sided relationships. I’m absolutely terrible at commitment of any kind, and the final blow seems to be following a completely unnecessary lipoma surgery in pursuit of my appearance and being better able to work out and do yoga. The shock of that, and lots of family drama has just completley shattered all my discipline. For it never existed, it was all based in fear and self hatred that is now vanishing the more I accept myself. But now I’m making some pretty impulsive decisions and I can barely hold myself together at work anymore. I’m moving again, dropping lots of things and hobbies again, and now I’m disillusioned by my job again and trying to find a new one. The temptation to live with my parents and put in my two weeks is incredibly strong. Ohh I’m also trying to change therapists, of course. And this is all happening in less than two months

Posted by rishooty at 2023-07-11 01:12:17 UTC