One of my friends said he has romantic feelings for me!? I have zero romantic experience (despite being in my mid-20s), and was not at all expecting anything like this. It is hard to parse my feelings besides Extremely Overwhelmed. It's also scary because if I end up not returning his feelings, it will hurt him, and I don't want to do that. And I can't discuss it with any of my friends, because we're all in the same Dungeons and Dragons group and that would probably be a betrayal of trust. And what if this causes the group to fall apart? Our games and friendship have been the one good thing going for me. And I feel bad for feeling this way because he was very calm and easygoing and open about it, he didn't know about my lack of romantic history, or even that I'm autistic. But it feels so new and unexpected and I'm drowning a little bit. This seems like such a delicate social situation, and I'm not good with those. Seeing my shock, he said we could pretend it never happened, but it did happen and I do have to process it and I don't know if that's just one of the lies allistic people say and does anyone have any advice? Sorry for the long rant

Posted by AimeeL at 2023-07-10 18:18:58 UTC