I'm in desperate need of some advice. I have 5 kids, aged 19, 16, 15, 9 and 6. My eldest 4 are all Autistic as is my husband and I. Our youngest has Angelman Syndrome and is also Autistic. I am having a really hard time with my 16 yr old. He has O.D.D and P.D.A and is very hard to get along with. He can be sweet and affectionate one minute, and obnoxious and mean the next. Over the years it has taken a toll on his siblings, but is really affecting his 9 yr old sister. He can be very verbally abusive to her and has threatened to hurt her when he's really angry. He has pushed her which he thinks justified if she yelling at him or gets in his way. The problem is, as I often explain to him, he is 6 foot tall, over 100kg, and almost an adult. She is a 35kg child. Her anxiety has gotten so extreme she is having meltdowns several times a day. This triggers him, which further exacerbates things. I am starting to feel like he may need to live outside our home, and she feels unsafe, insecure, and is really struggling. He won't take ownership of his actions and when I try to reason with him he'll make loud comments calling her "Stupid, a baby, brain dead etc etc. What do I do!?

Posted by eastjess at 2023-07-10 12:18:18 UTC