Hello, this is my introductory email. I have a son, a young adult, who is mild on the spectrum. He is in community college and works in fast food. He was only diagnosed at 14, and hasn't well accepted his neurodiversity as of yet. He also carries diagnosis of ADD and recently reluctantly accepted a trial of medication for that disorder. I have encouraged him to join this site and would be willing to pay for some of the courses, etc. Since he still lives at home and we pay for housing, I would like to think I have some leverage to compel him to engage with this community at least minimally. The challenges I notice in him pertaining to his Aspergers are things that I notice and know are holding him back from major goals, i.e., school success, socialization, hygiene to a certain extent. How do I bring this up with him and is there some way that I can get a "coach" on this site for my role as a parent? I am afraid I have been putting this off and hoping he would do something but I think I need to be a bit more assertive and proactive about it at this point. Thanks for any feedback!

Posted by pooeyhdog at 2023-07-10 03:06:41 UTC