Good ways to motivate likely ASD son to cooperate with therapy. There are things he just doesn’t get and CBT has gotten us nowhere. I feel like what he needs is a different therapy mixed with someone who will be blunt with him that some of his behaviors will not be tolerated in the real world. For example demand avoidance, an employer isn’t going to care what your issues are they expect the work done. When I was a kid I had a therapist and a dad who were blunt with me. I feel like we need the same for him. How do we find those type of therapists these days??? Also how do you avoid parental burnout. Been there for awhile! I may really have to have some conversations with the care team that here is what I can do here is what is not possible. Me being on 24 hours Is not an option

Posted by SplishSplash1979 at 2023-07-09 22:08:15 UTC