Has anyone here had luck with any of Danny’s motivational methods in getting their teen to be able to get for school on time, and in general getting up before 1pm in the afternoon? I think his quality of sleep is ok, but without getting a sleep study done I don’t know for sure. He has been out of school for the last year because He was completely shut down, was doing an IOP and then ended up in residential treatment for two months. I am happy he decided on his own to back to school this year, but I expect there will many challenges. I feel like unless we can lead him to info in which he decides school is important for him for either present needs or future he will struggle in getting up, and working through the next two years of school. Please let me know what you’ve tried that has worked with your teens to get them to get themselves up for school, and also helping them find the desire, and in turn motivation to go. Thank you in advance.

Posted by laurenluther at 2023-07-07 21:09:37 UTC