My apologies for the multiple posts. But this one’s about special interests. My 27 yr old son has been into goth and occult-like topics for years. He has declared that it is his identity and is uncompromising and even defensive about it. For example, we even point out that it is not safe to wear all black at night when crossing streets, however he does it anyway. He carries a backpack to work that is filled with candles and a ceremonial cloth with a pentagram in the middle. I believe that he goes to the back of the building and burns candles for some ritual when he is on break. He constantly watches videos and reads materials such as the Draconian Theory and the satanic bible. Contrary to this, each and every person who knows him, feels that he is super caring and compassionate. My guess is, this was something that he stumbled across in high school when he was being bullied. And this likely became his avenue for expression. My issue is, if this is indeed his special interest, I cannot see it leading to anything that can resemble a career. I know that sounds very narrow-minded because not every person’s special interest will lead to a career. But it’s difficult to see how this disconnects him from any possibilities of developing friendships. I try to accept him as he is and realize that he’s an adult and will make choices that I wouldn’t agree with. However, he’s not getting younger, yet, he continues to be fixated on the occult to the point where he is unable to move forward in life.

Posted by JohnnyG at 2023-07-06 16:15:41 UTC