Yesterday I did inform my bosses of my autism diagnosis. I was left with no choice because my routine was interrupted early in the day and it had affected my work. There's not really a nice way to put this but they are ignorant about it, one said she was sorry to hear about my diagnosis. Sorry for what? It's autism, not a death sentence! That part right there just bothered me. There are actually several people that I know, mainly one co-worker and one friend outside of work, who had said I don't look autistic. πŸ™„πŸ™„ I just had to go into a rant here because these people need to be educated. My chosen family, as I refer to them, seem to understand and that's actually all that matters. End of rant! 😊 Happy July, everybody!

Posted by rubysparkle1978 at 2023-07-01 14:20:44 UTC