My son who will turn 40 soon is on the spectrum. He has been married and divorced with 4 children. He works in the same nursing home I worked at and this is the only kind of work he has had outside of home, working in their kitchen. He also writes and sells horror novels within a community that has that interest. The reason I joined this group is I have been estranged from him for 8 years. I am 77 and wonder if I will ever see him again. I used to write more letters to him but am told he tears them up and throws them in his bottom drawer. I am only allowed to send letters, cards and gifts to my grandkids because his live-in girlfriend convinced him to allow this. She was told by him I treated him like a retard. I can't think of anytime I have done that. When he was young he didn't want to speak with his peers from the time he was very young into his teens. His english teacher encouraged me to take him to the dr. to see if he had aspergers (the doctor confirmed it) and to have special tutoring to get him to open up to his peers. I miss my son and grandkids ....two of them were 5 and 3 when I last was with them. Please help me understand him if you have any clues. Something else, I divorced his dad when my son was in his young teen. His dad also has aspergers and was difficult to live with. I had to make almost all our decisions. My son was close to his dad and his dad bought him anything my son wanted. I had to be the discipliner though I never spanked him. He was very loving to me as a young child. Thanks and hope you can help me.

Posted by susanhupp1945 at 2023-06-29 14:21:21 UTC