I did two courses this February and March 2023. My 17-18 yo son was in deep defense mode in my basement, failing school, on video games/YouTube, very dis functional and miserable. I learned and changed my behavior and attitudes. He passed all his classes and even did some credit recovery work on courses he had previously failed. He is cleaning and dressing, cooking and eating, responsible for taking his medicine 2x day, doing his laundry, dishes, and mowing the lawn. He had a part time job interview (something small, but interesting to him), riding his bike 13 miles round trip to prepare for riding to this job. Purchasing things on Amazon with his own money and ATM card. He has a long way to go for independence, but he now has that as his own goal. He has self motivation. He still needs help, but asks for and appreciates it now. Thank you for all the good info and the weekly phone support! Life changing for our family 💛 I wish this for all of you. I couldn’t see this as even possible when we started… things were very challenging, very unhealthy. But here we are, going forward in very small steps and much healthier and happier.

Posted by bridges112 at 2023-06-29 12:14:18 UTC