We ordered the full bundle last week and have been trying to work on a few tips we got from the webinars. One day is different from the next with our 12yo. I have hope this bundle will help us as parents and help our son but it will take time to navigate all the info. It has been really rough and going to start a 2nd round of PHP(partial hospital program). If it wasn't for the first time doing it we never would have even had Aspergers on our radar other than my therapist saying have you thought about seeing if he is on the spectrum? So while PHP was great for that discovery and the therapist there worked with Asperger kiddos for years I'm just not sure if taking him there is going to make a difference and just waste time and money or if they would be able to help him navigate some sensory, peer/adult relationships, anger issues etc... he seemed better after but only for a little bit. School has been MUCH better since PHP but home life is violent and chaotic, not knowing what will set him off. From the small amount I have been able to listen to so far it almost seems like PHP is just a bandage for larger issues to tackle first. If anyone has any advise or thoughts please share. He is schedule for his intake at 9am tomorrow but can push it out, and thats what my gut is telling me. My home(that gets destroyed) is saying it needs a break from the explosive behavior, even with him taking breaks in his swing or yoga ball to recharge. Thanks!

Posted by Niki_bye at 2023-06-28 15:51:56 UTC