My son is almost 16 and has daily accidents in his pants (mostly urine but sometimes stool) due to being engrossed on his computer playing Roblox video game. It’s literally the ONLY THING he wants to do. He doesn’t have accidents in school (used to occasionally in elementary school) or when we were staying at grandparents last summer for 9 days, so I know he can hold it. Sometimes he’ll commit to using timers but that’s short-lived. He has it in his head that “he can’t help it” yet won’t TRY to change the habit. Suggestions? Note: we’ve tried no screen days, limited screen time, but he’ll just argue and beg or go through my room looking for where we hide them. (Now have to hide in ATTIC steps accessed through bedroom closet because he found every hiding spot.)

Posted by rebeccapena at 2023-06-27 14:47:22 UTC