My husband and I just watched the webinar offered tonight. Watching it 3 hours after the live seminar, we were unable to ask our question. Maybe I can get some enlightenment here. Our Asperger’s grandson (10 yrs old) is in defense mode frequently. He has a twin brother and a younger and older sister. How does a single parent handle a situation when he is deep in defense mode and refusing to cooperate when dad (or mom) and the other siblings have someplace to be by a certain time? His siblings are getting more frustrated and resentful when the entire family’s schedule is disrupted (often with personal consequences for them) because they must capitulate to his behavior. They feel they are being held hostage by his meltdowns which often turn violent. I know ideally it is to prevent him going into defense mode, but it seems whenever there is a time factor involved, it sends him directly into defense mode even when it’s been planned and explained ahead of time. The same is true when the whole family needs to go home from an outing because he goes into defense mode. It is making the sibling relationships very tense.

Posted by Grandma Patti Anne at 2023-06-27 01:05:25 UTC