HI, I am a mother of a 24 year old dx with aspergers at the age of 13. He was having frequent meltdowns. I knew before his dx that he was on spectrum but being a mental health profession I chalked it up to he just needs confidence. Well we know how that has turned out. He has done pretty well for himself on making a self sufficient life. He works full time at a cemetery & saves all he can. He has not really interacted for the past 15 years other than with family(who tends to deny he's autistic) well recently he has been exhibiting hostile aggressive behavior & my sister & her husband came & is having difficulty with letting go of the meltdown. I'm a single mom who loves her son & wants to keep him safe. He actually shares a lot with me & is telling me that he is tired of people who are in a stable family judging him because he does not have his dad. He is very angry with his aunt & uncle. He is trying to communicate his anger by say nasty things like you're useless & I don't care if you lost your 4 kids. I want him to know that he should be angry cause they refuse to accept the autism. Sorry for such a long message I'm new to sight & just wanted to reach out & hopefully get feedback to reinforce to my son his feeling a valid & he isn't just an angry person like family has said. Thank you & feedback would be very appreciated!

Posted by martincictheresa at 2023-06-24 15:50:59 UTC