My husband and I are struggling mightily with supporting our 21 year old daughter. She has not been diagnosed with Asbergers but is “at risk” for being on The Spectrum. She has anxiety and depression severe ADHD inattentive type. She is basically disabled in terms of taking care of herself. She does do her own laundry, cooks her own meals, and drives. But she has absolutely no interest in working and she took a class at the local community college but was so anxious she didn’t take any of the tests (with our approval). She failed obviously but our goal was for her to experience college to see what it was like. I don’t think she’ll be going back. She is incredibly demand avoidant so any time we even hint that she do something, she shuts down. She is terribly fatigued all of the time. I think we need to wait until she’s motivated by something, but I’m envisioning her living with us until we die. She is on antidepressants (tried different kinds) but they don’t We’re at our wits end!

Posted by ksrudo at 2023-06-24 10:58:19 UTC