My son is a 34-year-old man and lives in an apartment in my home. In grade school (5th grade) he was evaluated for Special Ed services and received those services. In high school he was reevaluated for college to receive special ed services of which he was granted. I really feel he has autism and I do not know how to help him. He has had a hard time being successful in jobs unless his supervisor has patience. Last year he was working for a hotel and when his supervisor left, my son left a few months after. The position now becomes more stressful for him. This has been a real problem and my son now refuses to look for a job. This is more than laziness, it is fear. As far as finding a partner, I hear statements like I'll look when I have a job. No one will want me if I do not have a job. My son was able to save money when he was working and he is going through that money. I thought I would charge him rent, but that created many obstacles and he sees it as somehow wrong. It is difficult to explain, but he does not always sound logical. I am also the person that sets him off. In fifth grade, he was determined he had a language-based learning disability. I can't say it enough, there is something more in his disability than a language disability. The world to my son is stressful and I absolutely believe he has symptoms of autism.

Posted by janen5539 at 2023-06-22 12:00:55 UTC