Frustrated. I've been seeing a wonderful man for 5 years who has a 19 yr old son. The son was a cutter while in high school dropped out when turned 16 and was supposed to go to an alternative school but the day of the appointment he ran away for the day. I keep asking to get him tested, I am not an expert but this is what I see. Should I continue to push? He won't use any sheets on his bed because he doesn't like the feel. He only wears jogging pants or certain shorts because he doesn't like the feel of jeans. He drools when he speaks. Until 3 years ago he had extremely bad hygiene, he hated to shower. He wants his hair long but doesn't grasp how to properly care for it and 2 years ago I finally convinced him how to wash, brush, and keep the knots out. He talks somewhat slowly and louder than most and his speech is pretry monotone . He is learning to cook but when told to read the directions he keeps asking questions about the directions he read. He would rather play video games all night and sleep all day. He refuses to learn how to drive, and gets uncomfortable when it's discussed. He loves history and is full of historical facts and loves to share what he's learned. He would rather be alone in his room than around people in public. Even though he plays video games, his fine motor skills doing other things like eating appear a little awkward. His room is a disaster. He spills something it stays spilled unless told to clean it. Even if his father is on the carport and he sees the door is unlocked he locks it. It's my understand that the school years ago said he was ADD. I've been around many ADD and ADHD children and have never witnessed the same traits. His father says now he is an adult he can't force him to see someone. I'm extremely frustrated.

Posted by gayla1297 at 2023-06-22 00:26:01 UTC