My brother-in-law is 34 years old. He lives with us since his mom died 2 years ago. This morning we’re watching the news. He’s on his phone as usual. He’s not payed my attention. The news was about a British royal band member who passed out and got up and continued playing. He said that it’s 80 degrees and they’re wimps. My husband later told me that he was going to tell his brother that they’d been out there for bourse so they’re really hot in their uniforms. But instead I said that it’s really hot and I know because I was in band and he wasn’t. But I apparently interrupted my brother-in-law and he got upset and said that he was going to say that band kids here in Oklahoma play in the 90s and don’t pass out. But instead of remaining calm and talking about it, he got mad at me for interrupting him and got up and stomped off to his bedroom like a kid. I know that o could’ve waited for him. I could’ve figured out what he was going to say and agreed with him. I listened when he explained it at I was fine and wasn’t mad at him. What irritates me is that he gets so upset and angry and doesn’t try to listen or understand and won’t even just stay and sit there and goes off to his room to avoid it.

Posted by merriman_alisha at 2023-06-20 13:40:15 UTC