We have a 20 year old son diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He has graduated from High School (we homeschooled him) and he has a job at our local grocery store. He has been trained on being a checker so I know he must be doing a good job to be given more responsibility. He rides his bike to and from work and has made friends. He has even gone to a baseball game with some of his co-workers. I'm posting because my husband and I are talking about telling him he needs to move out. He doesn't follow our house rules, he refuses to take a shower, he eats in his bedroom and leaves trash and old food in his room. His room smells so badly that when he opens the door the smell wafts through the house. I asked him if a hand held shower head would help, or how I could make taking a shower more tolerable for him. He stated that it isn't that it's uncomfortable for him, he just "forgets". I don't believe that because when we ask, he always has an excuse not to or says, "I'll take one later." I'm having a hard time believing it's motivation as he is able to get up and go do so many other things. I would ignore the messiness of his room if it wasn't for the smell! Any input would be appreciated!

Posted by erincelliott at 2023-06-19 21:02:43 UTC