I’ve posted before about my son. He will be 18 in two weeks. He is angry all the time! He yells at and talks down to nearly everyone especially me, my husband and my daughter. He does not believe he has autism. He won’t listen to advice and thinks he “knows it all”. Right now he is planning to get a full time job after his birthday, work for a year and then go to college. He didn’t want to do his high school work so I do not believe he will finish college. He says he wont go to community college first bc he wants the “full college experience “. Did I mention he wont listen to anyone? I do not see how he will make it in life with the way he talks to people. He curses worse than anyone I know and will not even refrain when asked to. I feel like he needs big time intervention but I have no ideas on what or where. Besides that, he would never agree. He believes he is going to get a job making big bucks and that he can buy himself an expensive car. I have tried my hardest to help him his whole life. He is in worse shape now than ever. Help me help him!

Posted by rponder9077 at 2023-06-17 22:48:51 UTC