Need Advice-My 18 year old son has been in defense mode for the past 4 months. I have read so many helpful articles on this site and from folks but it isn't working. He gave up on school, friends, college, job,etc.. He is going to need some sort of inpatient services-he can't stay in my home and live like this. It breaks my heart as 3 years ago he was at a Wilderness program and now I have to figure out some sort of program. Does anyone have any ideas? He was diagnosed a few years back with executive functioning issues. Was never specifically diagnosed with autism but I know it is there: sensory issues with textures, food, etc.. Doesn't want to leave room, attempts to remove gaming or WIFI end up in terrible power struggles and I have given in as at some point he has to manage his life and I can't sit and fight day in and day out. I tried to tell him I can support him but he has to take some ownership for himself. He is refusing therapy as he feels that doesn't help. Still going down that path and trying to find someone available which is no easy task. Won't see friends, only talks to people online. He has never been a big eater and has been on the lean side but the depression and anxiety are impacting his eating. I got him into a program and Dr. wanted to hospitilize him for a week due to low heart rate and low BMI. He refused. However, he agreed to get EKG and bloodwork and return in a week. His heart rate is back up but he isn't following Dr orders (taking vitamins and some meds that will help with appetite). Then today he has 4 cavities, gum issues that need to be taken care of. He has always struggled with brushing teeth-likely sensory issue but he is falling apart. He can very high functioning and then he just runs out of gas and gets in this terrible benevolent, defiant, angry mode. I am a single mom. His dad lives out of state, high conflict divorce and because my son has rejected him, dad won't get involved and blames his behavior on me and acts like if he just went and got fresh air he would be fine. So worried about my kiddo but he is in denial and won't listen to me, or really anyone.

Posted by mxasmith at 2023-06-16 02:48:48 UTC