Hi, I'm Emma Lin, and I have been dealing with insomnia due to nightmares caused by recent events lately (specifically the past six years with my mom's cancer - she's in complete remission right now until next CT scan in a few weeks; my work supervisor is in Chicago, IL due to spouse receiving an emergency transplant; and my 97-year-old Grandmother who got sick in February but is now better - so we visited her in May but it was stressful due to tire troubles). Anyways, we have tried two different sleeping medications. One was for PTSD nightmares and it didn't work out. The first medicine lessened the severity of the nightmares. It has been working up to this point until the other day, I received a horrible spam text message on my phone which triggered my nightmares again, and it involved a very sensitive topic that hit too close to home that is not family-friendly to which I cannot sleep again tonight. Please help me if possible.

Posted by Emma Lin at 2023-06-13 04:31:06 UTC