I'm pretty sure my 19 year old son is in defense mode and has been since we had to homeschool during covid. He went back to school his senior year and graduated but didn't really care to socialize when previously he had a few friends and lunch buddies. Since graduation, he has had a couple of jobs, the last one falling through to no fault of his and plans to go to a college program in the fall, but he isolates at home and spends a lot of time on his phone. When we go to visit others, he finds a corner or if they allow, a separate room, and doesn't talk to anyone. I don't really know how to bring him back. He was a happy fairly social kid when he was younger, but because of his autism and delay in maturity, many of his friends outgrew him and moved on. He is really a nice young man. He doesn't get in trouble or argue much. He is super smart and creative but he just won't talk to anyone.

Posted by kroosfairy at 2023-06-12 01:44:29 UTC