My child just graduated college which we're very proud of. Danny said at his seminar today that ASD folk often need to accomplish one milestone at a time. My child is very excited to move to a new state and live there on her own, but has no motivation about getting any particular kind of job, or working at all. My takeaway from the seminar is I should encourage her in her vision of herself living in Florida, which luckily I can afford to help her with for a bit. Then once she accomplishes the milestone of living on her own, then I can work with her, her Dad and hopefully coaches to help her get motivated and believe in her capability to successfully work in a low stress job. Does that sequence of events sound right to other parents? I feel bad abandoning my dream of her working soon after graduation, but right now she's totally in defense mode about her job search. Maybe it's too much with the impending move to FL and leaving home. Thank you!

Posted by Educationem at 2023-06-10 19:40:19 UTC