Hello! I am a mother to a nineteen year old boy with Aspergers. He has always had issues socially but it seemed to get worse after he turned seventeen. He started smoking marijuana and he had traumatic situation with trying to date and his grandfather (the only positive male role model for him) died. He started taking an antidepressant but it did not help. His emotions fluctauted so much after that I don't think he or I knew what way was up. We finally got in to see a psych NP and got him on the right medications, but now he has a lot of anger and irritability. I have tried to get him to quit smoking marijuana and nicotine, but he won't because he says the marijuana helps him sleep. I get that but mentally and emotionally I don't think its good for him. I do not have a negative outlook on marijuana. I feel that it definitely has medicinal uses. I have just seen such a change in him since he started. Has anyone else experienced this with their child or has anyone in the group with Aspergers experienced this? I know that the irritability is worse when he has no marijuana to smoke or nicotine. That is expected because of withdrawals. He was in therapy but he got dropped because he he kept forgetting to go. Getting him to do anything is like fighting a grizzly bear. Any parents have any tips to getting their kids motivated to do things?

Posted by tracy.iversen at 2023-06-06 19:36:03 UTC