My son is 19 and still refuses to accept his ASD diagnosis. He has been able to receive help from various sources with in the city and our school district because of this diagnosis, including keeping a part time job with a job coach. However, he is extremely difficult to live with and if asked to do even simple tasks, like put a cup in the dishwasher, he lashes out aggressively and retreats to his bedroom, usually yelling profanities. We have been hoping that this will improve as he settles into his job and has the structure he needs, but it seems to be getting worse. He has stopped taking his anxiety medication because he believes it is what causing the autism to affect him. This has only exacerbated his negative reactions in response to anything we ask him. How can we get out of this mode and help him?

Posted by Ratcliff5 at 2023-06-06 16:21:35 UTC