My 19 year old son recently diagnosed with ASD and ADHD didn't do well at college and we moved him home. Since coming home he's come out of defense mode and we've been trying to get him to choose something to provide some help. If we choose for him, he won't engage, but will go through the motions because we ask him to. He complains that he can't pay attention to anything so there's no use in trying anything because he can't focus. But he can play video games all day long and watch YouTube videos. We tried stimulants for ADHD with his pediatrician about 2 years ago but he lost weight too fast so the Dr took him off and tried others, but my son noticed no difference with them. The first semester of his senior year, one of his teachers commented that whatever treatment we were doing for his ADHD was doing wonders for him. The funny thing is that we weren't doing anything. So I'm a little lost as to what to do. Do I try to guide him to choose a therapist that provides coaching for ADHD, try meds again, try neurofeedback? Will addressing the ASD help with the focusing issue? I really am excited about the AE courses, and hope to get him motivated to do one or two. But then we have the focusing issue. I feel stuck. Any advice?

Posted by muddmomma at 2023-06-04 00:52:14 UTC