Hi all, my 9 year old adopted daughter was recently diagnosed with ASD. She is high functioning, but experienced much trauma in her formative years. She is also diagnosed as ADHD and qualified for special education support under the Other Health Impaired label due to her ADHD. School reevaluated her and saw no ASD, instead they want to slap an Emotionally Impaired label on her because she is unable to maintain relationships and she has inappropriate feelings under normal circumstances. Both of these could be true for ASD and EI. Does anyone know of any research or material that I can read to help me weed through the differences? They give her sensory items to use throughout the day and yet they say that she has no significant sensory issues. She has been diagnosed through our Children’s Hospital-the most reputable place in our area. She sees a child psychiatrist that specializes in ASD who says she is definitely on the spectrum and she works with a private speech pathologist who herself is on the spectrum, who concurs with the diagnosis. Any help is appreciated! Kathy

Posted by kransbergerkm at 2023-06-03 02:54:35 UTC