I am trying to be a writer. I write blog posts on my website. I basically write about whatever I want, but lately I have been writing about Autism/Asperger's. The thing is, I don't know how to build an audience or get my writing to people who would most benefit from it. Also, having an audience would probably help me to produce more writing. I mostly just share my posts to my Facebook profile and a Facebook group called "School of Autism" but I can never really know how many people actually see the posts. I don't know if the algorithms actually get the post in people's feeds. I am wondering if it would be allowable for me to share my Autism posts on this App for the people in this community, and if people here could make requests for me to write about certain topics and subjects related to Autism/Asperger's?

Posted by joshuarp at 2023-06-02 02:42:31 UTC