I received a diagnosis today. The psychologist's primary concern is PTSD, my mother and I were both abused by my grandmother. But autism and ADHD are not ruled out, currently they are secondary diagnoses. I am awaiting a written report via email and the psychologist is recommending accommodations, should I decide to continue my education as well as for transportation since I do not drive. I am terrified of getting behind the wheel because of my attention span. I can really be the bumper car queen with a shopping cart, and the thought of hitting something, or worse, someone is too strong in my mind. I am to receive therapy for the PTSD, and then see if the autism and ADHD diagnoses still stand. These are answers that I have wanted since I was a teenager, even before I knew anything about autism, before I had even heard the word autism! To make a long story short, I'm very happy knowing that I wasn't imagining things over the years. I just didn't think I had PTSD though, because my exposure to my grandmother's abuse was nothing compared to what my mother had endured.

Posted by rubysparkle1978 at 2023-05-31 18:26:57 UTC