Our son is a 35yr old. Never formally diagnosed. Always has lived at home with us. Stays in his room playing video games, watches you tube. Always has earbuds or headphones on. No friends, no job, rarely communicates with us except when he needs something. Was diagnosed with MS in 2014 and is now experiencing more issues from it. ( swallowing, gait,) During last MS appointment with neurologist she noticed an enlarged lymph node on neck. Sent him for blood work and then to Oncologist. Was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Was unable to do bone marrow biopsy due to being touched and anxiety. Needs to have lymph node removed plus other tests. He is in defense mode and doesn’t believe he has cancer. We don’t have guardianship and he doesn’t allow us to have access to his medical records or speak with his doctors. We have and are trying back channels through social workers but this has been ineffective so far. Open to any suggestions or advice

Posted by kgoslin24 at 2023-05-31 18:12:25 UTC