I’m a parent of an adult Aspie who lives in my home with my husband and myself. He doesn’t work but is capable but doesn’t currently have the capacity. Our concerns are how he will manage once we are gone as we are older and retired. We have found a wonderful special needs lawyer who can make a will and trust that will protect his inheritance and will even provide assistance to him in getting everything done that will need to be done upon our death. It’s expensive and I think it’s something we should do but my husband feels our son will hate us for putting protection/control on him. The trust will protect his inheritance from collectors as he tremendous college loans and not many life skills ie selling a home cancellation of accounts etc even though he is very intelligent/highly functioning. If anyone has any advise or experience I would appreciate your input. If you are on the spectrum how would you feel?? Thank so much.

Posted by Ncnichols4 at 2023-05-30 18:17:33 UTC