Dear AE, my daughter is almost 12 years old. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s when she was 8 years old during the first phase of COVID. Since being diagnosed, her anger is growing each and everyday and it seems she stays in defense mode all of the time. She has been unable to make a single lasting childhood friend. She really craves human connection and the lack of any peer relationship seems to place the most amount of stress on her. She only to turns to electronics as her only outlet/connection with the world. She will stay on the iPad or computer all day everyday if we let her. The longer she is on the iPad or the computer the more angry she gets when she needs to turn it off; mostly her reaction is a massive meltdown or screaming at her mother or me. She is isolating herself more and more and is becoming, if not already, to have depression. We can still get her to go and do things (Tae Kwon Do, Horseback riding) but if those aren’t available she will stay in her dark room listening to music or playing games (when we allow). I believe in all my heart she is in defense mode, but how can we help her get out of it? What are the steps to reduce stress? What possibilities do we have with 1:1 coaching with her? How much daily screen time is too much? She’s an amazing girl. She’s funny; she’s witty; she’s generous; and she’s loyal. She has so much to offer this world, but she is being torn at the seems and we don’t know how we can help her help herself. Kind regards, Dean

Posted by j.d.corley at 2023-05-26 21:07:20 UTC