In need of suggestions or advice or tips for helping my 7th grade Aspie teen boy make friends. My kiddo was diagnosed by the school district when he was in Pre-K and then officially diagnosed last summer by a healthcare professional. My son was an incredibly social kid until the lockdowns happened. Once they reopened the schools, he became more withdrawn and reserved. Even at home. By the end of fifth grade, he only had one friend. He joined band this last school year and I was hopeful he’d end the year with at least one friend he could call and text over the summer but he didn’t. He obviously has different interests than his peers but in our community, there really aren’t many groups or clubs that would pertain to his interests. Are there any online groups for teens/preteens with ASD to chat that anyone has had success with? My heart breaks for him because he’s such a sweet, funny, kind, creative kid and he seems so lonely and he doesn’t really talk about school so I have no idea what’s going on in his life except for the things that interest him. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Posted by anglomexican at 2023-05-24 21:43:56 UTC