My 22 year old son has severe ocd without the compulsions. I never knew there was a word or term for it. He started talking to these gods he had researched. Many hospitalizations later and about 10 anti psychotics later, nothing has changed. He was previously diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi polar which is what most people think when they hear that he talks to himself. He graduated in 2020 with no after school services as school shut down in March that year, then isolation. He was 19. Perfect age to have a break from reality and so that’s what he was diagnosed with and I had said all along that it was not schizophrenia. I’ve worked mental health my entire life. I knew something was off but I also just knew it wasn’t what they were saying. We’ve been in limbo for over 3 years now. He just spent 6 weeks in patient and started on clozapine. Well it’s now been 12 weeks and he hasn’t responded to yet another anti psychotic that a lot of people told me it was a miracle drug. We see his psychiatrist weekly right now for out patient treatment and are currently weaning him off this nightmare of a drug. His cholesterol is way out of control. Blood sugar is through the roof and he sleeps 16 hours a day. I just read another post of someone talking about their LO having Pure O OCD. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I have complete guardianship over him for now and he lives at home with me. I should also add he has ad/hd pretty severely. He won’t attend to his hygiene and won’t clean up his messes. He’s a kind soul and wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s so misunderstood and people in my community don’t understand so I try to educate instead of getting upset and I am exhausted. He acts like he’s 12-15. I feel like I’ve done more damage to him listening to doctors who keep misdiagnosing him. My son is most definitely odd but after talking with him for 5 minutes you’d know why he’s so loved and why I feel like I need to protect him. Does anyone else have a familiar story? I’ve never felt so alone in my life.

Posted by kthomas04345 at 2023-05-22 05:18:42 UTC