Lots of info out there on sleep with Asperger’s kids but I need help GETTING HIM UP!!!!!! 16 year old boy that I can spend 30+ minutes trying to wake up and get out of bed. He claims he has no recollection of that time and I am so out of patience by the end. I try to wake him in a non threatening way (just basically talking to myself out loud or my husband brings up baseball stats to try and engage his brain, etc) but he will barely open his eyes and then be out again. His alarm is this horrible honking noise that he will sleep through for over an hour. If I wasn’t here, he would not wake up or be on time for a single thing before 11am. He has a 10:30 bedtime, mostly fall asleep with melatonin and has no screen access in his room. Anyone out there have any tricks because I hate how frustrated I feel every morning with him before he is even awake! HELP!!!!!

Posted by ksallee3 at 2023-05-21 17:17:05 UTC