I had my autism assessment at the beginning of the month and will be receiving the results next week. Since my last post on here, I started working and was told yesterday that my performance is poor. My supervisors are unaware of my situation because I wanted to be able to show them documentation when I do tell them. Should I have told them immediately and will a diagnosis and the documentation help me? My job search has been extremely difficult over the years, where I would be lucky if I could even get an interview. And the rare instances I would get called for an interview, I would mess up somehow. I pretty much have no safety net and need to know generally what my rights would be if I am diagnosed as autistic. Can my employer get in trouble if they let me go if they are aware of my situation? I'm very worried now.

Posted by rubysparkle1978 at 2023-05-21 13:26:17 UTC