My 22-year-old son is in the 90-day probationary period for his job as a retail cashier. He is usually scheduled 15-18 hours per week. When he got the job offer two months ago, the "reward" was that he was allowed to finally get his real drivers license so he could drive to his job! Huge, huge milestone! Instead of bicycling everywhere like he's done for 6 long years, he earned the privilege of driving to his job in a truck I bought him - a miracle in and of itself about how the truck came to us! 🛻 With this privilege, he must pay the exorbitant car insurance increase and, of course, gas money. 💰 He's also got one more 5-credit Calculus w/ Trig course [not his strong suit] to finish his A.A. degree, and he's got a 45-minute drive to the campus for 10 weeks, 3x/week. 😳 I'm exhausted just writing all that he has planned and will have on his plate, but he says he's ready for it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ He's come so far, but he's started to slip into defense mode more than usual in the last week. The only thing I can think of as to the reason is the mundaneness of work is starting to settle in and/or maybe his having to be on for so many hours per day with customers, is just exhausting him! So, he is coping/escaping in his off time by hitting the video gaming heavily in the last week, and self-care is starting to slip a lot! As I wrote this, I had to insist he get off of his PC [he was late to work this a.m.] and get to bed. He actually shaved just before going to bed because I "cut him off" from his supply of escapism. 😞 I think his low vagal tone is the issue, of course, but I don't know how to increase his low vagal tone. Will this be explained in The Accountability Plan course that I purchased? Or is there another course? Or are there any YouTube videos or any other good resources for how to improve the vagal tone? 🤔 Thank you for reading this far. Any suggestions are appreciated! 🙌

Posted by Nan3125 at 2023-05-21 04:03:59 UTC