Anyone find any good resources for severe OCD (Pure O - mental compulsions) specifically tailored to help those with ASD? My 21 year old daughter has tried meeting with 2 therapists, both specializing in OCD/CBT/ERP (the “gold standard”). Just meeting with the therapist and the social difficulties along with the fact that CBT (talk only) therapy has never worked for her has been a barrier to getting help. She needs a therapist who understands her anxiety overwhelm and what to do for it before she can hope to tackle the OCD work, but OCD therapists don’t seem to have the somatic skills to help her and somatic therapists don’t have the OCD skills. I have spent the last 3 months diligently searching for help to no avail. She had to quit therapy because the last therapist (well trained and experienced, having been the director of Rodgers’ OCD IOP) never gave her any skills to help, despite being asked repeatedly and with her knowledge that therapy couldn’t continue without help to calm the anxiety overwhelm. We lost a month and $1000 in the process. The therapist just did not seem to get the autism components of the stress of social interaction on top of a frazzled, overwhelmed nervous system. Anyone find anything, program, therapist, online program or workbook, that helped with severe “Pure O” OCD? It has become utterly debilitating for my daughter.

Posted by prettyteapot at 2023-05-21 00:13:14 UTC