My 31 yr old son had a PT job at UPS as a package handler. He had good benefits and was just getting ready to look into to returning to school as they offered tuition reimbursement. We just went to visit my folks with him for my Dad’s 95th birthday for 7 days. He let his supervisor know he was going to be out. He did have pto accrued because he has been there almost 3 years. Unfortunately they just terminated his employment when he returned because they said he didn’t show up after 3 days. He has taken several week long PTO days in the past and never had a problem. I asked him if he was supposed to fill something out and he didn’t know. He didn’t do anything different from the other days off. He is in the Union and he filled a grievance and called his union rep. He is waiting to hear back. We are in a Right to Work State so not sure if being in Union will help get job back. He got this job without disclosing his diagnoses (which he does a written diagnoses from a Dr when he was 11 yrs old). Wondering if he should inform Union rep now of his diagnosis. I am guessing there might have been a new pto process that he didn’t understand. Any opinion would be greatly appreciated.. Also my husband thinks he should just look for another job because not happy how they handled this. Thank you.

Posted by Jean B at 2023-05-18 21:02:31 UTC