I'm sorry for the log post but I really need help. My older brother (37) is autistic somewhat verbal (can communicate simple needs and wants but nothing too complex) and for a very long time he has had problems with getting violent (grabber,squeezer,puller sometimes having to wrestle him) when he is in a bad mood. He won't communicate why he feels it but he just shuts down. He holds us captive in our rooms and if we try to come out he will do his best to push us back in. He has always been somewhat controlling since I was young. We have tried therapists,programs, everything, and nothing has worked. He does not like very many things and mainly likes to keep to himself. He has agoraphobia so that doesn't help and we have tried so many things to get him motivated but he is set in his own routine. We don't want to kick him out due to personal and financial reasons as we are on a fixed income and he plays a part in paying the bills. On top of that we couldn't bare the thought of having him go somewhere else because this would make us worry about him. Recently it has gotten to a point where it seems these bad moods are becoming more frequent and I don't know why. If there is a way to get him to communicate, prevent these moods, or have him get more help I would really appreciate it. Thank you for reading this.

Posted by Saku at 2022-05-03 01:25:21 UTC