My 27 yr old son has struggled with Aspergers, ADHD, and Dysthymic disorder for years. As a result, he’s experienced exclusion, bullying, and low self-esteem. He is experiencing loneliness now he has no connection to anyone aside from some very fleeting interactions on Discord. When I give him an opportunity to share his thoughts on it, he often says, he doesn’t care anymore, but in actually, signs show that he does. His sense of wanting to belong and be accepted made him vulnerable online and he’s been scammed several times and paid out money to scammers because they manipulated him with scar tactics. He still lives with my wife and I and is not showing signs of growth in regards to time/space management. He is also obsessed with occult materials and says that it gives him identity and helps him cope, however it is to the point where it is disruptive to his progress. He has also shared with me that being on websites has become an addiction causing him to lose track of time. I’m trying to be supportive and compassionate, however he will be 28 this year and I’m afraid for his future. On a positive note, he has a full-time job with benefits in a grocery store. Unfortunately, he works with the public and he’s experienced difficult and confrontational customers, which add to his stress and likely leads up to him resorting to on-line connections as a manner of coping. That, in conjunction with hours spent on video games, random Youtube videos, and occult rituals. I’m going on 60 and just not sure where to go as I know that at some point, I will be too old to do as much. If my wife and I eventually move into a retirement place, I worry about his ability to fend for himself and keep himself safe from manipulative people. I’m glad that I found this site and hoping that someone here will be able to relate to this struggle

Posted by JohnnyG at 2023-05-18 15:38:30 UTC