My granddaughter with Aspergers is really struggling with her food to the point where she won’t eat any protein AT ALL. My daughter has tried just about everything but she’s going to be six in July and will only eat crackers rice French fries and toast with butter. I finally got her to drink milk but only chocolate milk and she loves I but it also causes diarrhea. I know… tmi. She will eat some salmon if it’s hidden in her rice and I just tried her with fish nuggets where she will eat the coating and some of the fish but not enough to make a difference. She will eat tangerines once in a while. She asks for apples but won’t eat it. Her new teeth are noticeably discoloured on the bottom and her top teeth are delayed in growth. She is very tall but extremely skinny for her age. It’s all about texture. So no cereal or anything with nutritional value like veggies or meat. HELP!!!

Posted by clevan4717 at 2023-05-17 18:08:46 UTC