My 23 year old son is an asperger's person. He's a great kid but unfortunately has struggled through school and was the target of bullying for much of his younger years. As a result whenever he percieves any type of teasing he goes into a depression which lasts for weeks. He recently told me that he becomes very depressed that he will never find happiness in his life. He has been taking lexapro for his depression/anxiety and recently without telling us doubled his dosage. This is a bit frightening and we are at our wits end trying to get him to go to a psychiatrist to get the proper meds and getting him to talk with us before upping his dosage. I believe he becomes so anxious he is desperate to get relief. How can we get him to go to a psychiatrist and to abide by whatever is prescribed?

Posted by rhershkowitz at 2023-05-17 14:15:37 UTC