Hi everyone, I just got diagnosed with “Autism Spectrum Disorder without language & intellectual impairments” (AKA Asperger Syndrome) and ADHD. I learned this in October. And I turned 48 last month. I’m still in shock that I was born with an ASD brain and never knew it. I was accurately diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder & a Depressive Disorder in early adulthood. Medication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) works. However, I knew something was “missing” from the diagnosis. I just didn’t know what. Now I know it was ASD & ADHD. My Dr added Ritalin with my other medication. It helped my ADHD symptoms a lot! I learned the difference between a neurotypical and a neurodivergent brain. So, I’m now comparing my ASD brain to a tree trunk with branches being other disorders. However, I look at it like Math - it’s cumulative. I developed Anxiety during Junior year of high school, then Depression after I graduated. However, I was born with ASD yet never knew it until now, and ADHD showed up in middle school. So, if I knew about both disorders back then, I could have taken Ritalin and done CBT for ASD. In doing so, my brain wouldn’t have biologically developed Anxiety & Depression. Those “branches” wouldn’t have “grown”, right? I feel so regretful. I had to resign from my career per suggestion of my therapist because ASD/ADHD was interfering. I’ve learned about ASD, and looked in to resources. It’s recommended that I get partial disability and find an online job that would fit my skills, personality, and symptoms. The problem is I feel “stuck”. Depression has been triggered and I have no motivation to do anything. So, I’m reaching out for help.

Posted by Mds at 2023-05-11 16:55:20 UTC