My son is 13 and just diagnosed on the spectrum. My history of background in special education and autism are not really helpful. Where do I begin to understand his needs and how to work with him according to those needs and understand his struggles? What do you think are the top priorities here to address? I don't know what to even include here- he's just been diagnosed through our decision (we homeschool but I'm not sure that's relevant as most people who do not live with him ever seem to notice anything) but I know he struggles with viewing himself as a failure, ability to communicate what he's feeling or come up with answers to material (subject matter in lessons) that we know he knows, etc. He has a very hard time being motivated to do his household tasks, etc ; even cooking for himself though he knows how, etc. I know he is extremely anxious most of the time.. Where do I start so that I can do my best to understand and help him to the best of our ability?

Posted by organicmom3 at 2023-05-10 19:11:13 UTC