I thought you’d like to hear some positive news about my son, who is high functioning. He rented a Vacation Rental in Flagstaff, AZ from Thursday to Sunday and helped his friend run a 250 Mile race as one of his pacers. Here’s what the friend said about Cole. Cocodona... This wasn't a race, it was an experience. A life-changing one. I'm so happy to be finished, and I'm truly a different person after covering 250 miles across Arizona. I have a lot of thoughts about Cocodona, and I want to do a write up later. But right now, I need to say THANKS. Cole was THE SUPER PACER! This guy did 61 miles with me and all of the major climbs (Mingus, Casner/Schnebly, and Elden). When I had low moments, he definitely knew how to keep me going. I'm super fortunate to have him as a friend, and I owe him some big pacing duties when he does this. He thanked several people, but I wanted you to see what he said about Cole. This is definitely progress.

Posted by rykatco1 at 2023-05-08 15:01:06 UTC